Ethan Hare
President and CEO

Founded Hare Construction in 2006

Ethan started off in small construction companies working as a laborer and apprentice carpenter before going to work with DMC Construction. He then founded Weekend Warriors, which evolved into Hare Construction Inc. His favorite aspects of the job are constantly learning, problem solving and satisfying customers in a difficult field of work. Ethan has been on the board of directors of CASA of Monterey/Voices for Children, since 2012, including position of CFO, Development Chair, Friends of Casa Lunch,  Chairman-elect, Search committees,  Gala committee and past chairman of the Gala committee.

Judah White
Director of Construction

A native of Portland Oregon, Judah moved to Ireland, where he got his start in construction, renovating many of the businesses he owned. He moved back to the U.S. working with his uncle doing construction. He has over 15 years of experience and knowledge in finished carpentry and project management. Judah has managed projects ranging from newly designed single-family homes and construction of wharfs and homes on an island, to complicated commercial medical testing centers.

Erin Fernando
Human Resources

Erin worked at the Pebble Beach Company from 2011-2017 as a Group Billing Coordinator. She also worked in floral and event design and national sales at PBC from 2007-2008. Her favorite aspects of the job are the variety, the positive work environment and the team she works with. She is a member of the local Huli A Haha’i Mai Ia’u hula group, loves cooking and baking, is a hockey fan, especially of the Chicago Blackhawks, and has a 13-year-old dog named Pepper.

Matt Deal
Project Facilitator

Matt has experience in office management and has drafting experience with a consulting mechanical engineering company. The favorite things about his job include the challenge of juggling multiple tasks while ensuring clients end up with an end result they love and will continue to love for a long time. He also likes continually learning and growing his personal capabilities and seeing projects grow and develop from an idea into reality.

Stephanie Lee
Project Facilitator

Prior to joining the Hare team, Stephanie has spent the last 15 years travelling the world and has lived in exotic places such as Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong. Working at Hare has been and continues to be an amazing journey that develops her skills in the construction industry everyday. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time at the beach and with Family.

Cody Gappa
Project Facilitator

Cody comes from a sports background. He played professional baseball after getting a bachelors in Exercise science. Cody started at Hare Construction in August while taking classes for preparation for a Doctorate in Physical therapy.
Cody has a ranch back home and learned carpentry and construction while working on the ranch. He is an avid hunter and loves the outdoors.

Roy Matsuyama
Project Facilitator

Roy is a Monterey native with a background in automotive service. Since coming aboard with Hare construction he has enjoyed learning about all aspects of the business. In his spare time he plays computer games and competes in powerlifting.

Jorge Martinez

Jorge used to work on tract homes. He brings the efficiencies learned blended in the custom residential projects helping clients accomplish complex projects at very fair budgets. The favorite things about working for Hare Construction are working with his fellow employees, challenging himself and seeing the client’s face when they like his work. He volunteers at his son’s school, Everett Alvarez High School, to raise money for the school’s soccer team.

Alfie Wardle

Alfie specializes in building custom single-family homes, has worked on all types of construction projects, from remodeling one bathroom to refurbishing complete estates and the homes on them. The favorite parts of the job include construction problem solving, achieving the best possible finish and having a satisfied client at the end of the job. Alfie volunteers at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, helping with maintenance around the church.

Tony Hambleton

Originally from Coeur D’Alene Idaho, Tony moved to Redding California when he was eight. In 1996 Tony moved to Monterey and has not looked back. Tony comes from a long line of tradesman going back hundreds of years and feels that it is his responsibility to carry on this tradition. Over the years, Tony has built homes, commercial retail spaces and everything in between! Tony loves a good challenge and feels that Hare Construction brings just that to the table.

Kevin Todd

Kevin grew up locally here in Monterey. He has been in the construction industry for over 10 years with experience ranging from large industrial projects to custom home builds in Pebble Beach. Kevin loves construction as it allows him to build every type of structure from the ground up and give clientele a high quality product that will last a lifetime. When Kevin is not on the job site you will find him with his wife and three children.