Positive Leadership.

The attitude of our management affects every employee through the company and sets the tone of our work ethic and desire to get involved.

Maintain respect.

Hare Construction does not tolerate any manner of disrespect, including use of foul language, smoking near buildings or playing loud music

Be there…

Be available to clients when they need us – big or small. Be there for the community when an opportunity to give back arises.

Promote from within.

It is essential that we give all of our employees the opportunity to learn and advance. Hare Construction strives to be a positive environment for all of its employees, regardless of his or her ultimate long-term goals.

Get involved.

Regardless of position, experience or expertise, we expect all employees to take initiative and find a way to contribute. We love to see employees take personal ownership in the projects they are involved in.

Positive reward.

With high expectation comes high reward. It is important to the entire management team that the work environment at Hare Construction provides a sense of accomplishment and joy!